Promoting Interactive Visualisation at University of Oxford: The Live Data Network

  • Martin John Hadley University of Oxford
  • Howard Noble University of Oxford


This article introduces the Live Data project funded by the Research IT Board of the University of Oxford’s IT Services department. The primary aim of the project is to support academics in creating interactive visualisations using a variety of cloud-based visualisation services, which the academic can freely embed within academic journals, blogs and personal websites through the use of iframes. To achieve this the project has been funded from October 2015 to March 2017 to recruit visualisation case studies from across the University and to develop software agnostic workflows for the creation of interactive visualisations.

Within this report we present interactive visualisations as a vital component of the academic’s toolkit for engaging potential collaborators and the general public with their research data – thereby bridging the so-called ‘data gap’ between data, publication and researcher.


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