The Future of Data Management Planning: Tools, Policies, and Players

  • Stephanie Simms California Digital Library
  • Marisa Strong California Digital Library
  • Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre
  • Marta Ribeiro Digital Curation Centre


DMPonline and the DMPTool are well-established tools for data management planning. As the software of each matures and the user communities grow, we turn our attention to issues of sustainability, culture change, and international collaboration. Here we outline strategies for addressing these issues. We propose to build a new, global framework for data management planning that links plans to researchers, funders, publications, data, and other components of the research lifecycle. By refocusing our efforts from promoting the creation of data management plans (DMPs) to comply with funder requirements to supporting the creation of good DMPs that can be implemented, we seek to further enable the open scholarship revolution, advancing science and society.

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