• Chris Rusbridge
  • Liz Lyon


Liz Lyon and Chris Rusbridge introduce the International Journal of Digital Curation.

Author Biographies

Chris Rusbridge
Chris Rusbridge is Director of the Digital Curation Centre, funded by JISC and the e-Science Core Programme to provide support services, development and research in digital curation and preservation, recently embarked on its second three-year funding period. This follows five years as Director of Information Services at the University of Glasgow. There his responsibilities included the library and archives, together with IT, Management Information and Audio-visual services. For the previous five years, he was Programme Director of the JISC Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), a major digital library R&D Programme.
Liz Lyon
Dr Liz Lyon is the Director of UKOLN at the University of Bath, UK, where she is involved with the development and implementation of the information environment. This includes promoting synergies between digital libraries and e-research environments, exploring aspects of the scholarly knowledge cycle and understanding the role of digital repositories for the management of open access data in a federated landscape. In this context, she has led the eBank UK Project, which is exploring links between research data, scholarly communications and learning in the crystallography/chemistry domain. She is also Associate Director (Outreach) of the UK Digital Curation Centre, in which UKOLN is a partner.

Although Dr Lyon has worked in various university libraries in the UK, her background was originally in Biological Sciences and she has a doctorate in cellular biochemistry.