UK Research Funders’ Policies for the Management of Information Outputs

  • Michael Jubb


A successful research and innovation system depends on the open exchange of ideas, information and knowledge. But both research methods and the scholarly communications system are undergoing fundamental changes which present new opportunities and challenges in communicating the results of research. Funders are at different stages in responding to these changes, and this in turn presents challenges to researchers and research institutions. This paper reports on the findings of a study undertaken in 2006 into the policies, practices and views of a range of the major funders of research in the UK in relation to the management of the information outputs generated with the benefit of their support. It covers the full range of information outputs, including journal articles and monographs, but also other outputs, including data, that are not generally published in traditional form. The article also presents conclusions as to issues that need to be addressed in the development of a coherent and consistent policy framework for the future.
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