A Survey of Digital Preservation Challenges in Nigerian Libraries: Librarians' Perspectives

  • Atanda Saliu Sambo
  • Enite Anita Urhefe
  • Stella Ejitagha


This paper investigates digital preservation challenges in Nigerian libraries. In carrying out this study four research questions were posed. The study sample population comprised of 172 participants at the 2nd Conference of Certified Librarians from various libraries and institutions across Nigeria, organised by the Librarians’ Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) in Abuja on the 11th – 16th October, 2015. The outcome of the study revealed that digital preservation challenges persist despite the awareness of digital preservation strategies by librarians in Nigerian libraries. The findings revealed major challenges facing digital preservation, such as hardware and software obsolesces, lack of training, lack of backup and standards, lack of strategy policy, lack of funds, lukewarm attitude among the librarians and lack of legal right to preservation of content. Recommendations were made to protect and safeguard digital preservation challenges in the libraries, including the recommendation that the Nigerian Library Association (NLA), Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN), University management and Library stakeholders should create a standard policy, provide needed skills for the librarians, lobby government for more funds and ensure that funds allocated to the libraries are properly utilised for effective digitization of library resources for future use.

Author Biography

Atanda Saliu Sambo

Library Department, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun

Librarian 1

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