DMPonline Version 4.0: User-Led Innovation

  • Magdalena Getler
  • Diana Sisu
  • Sarah Jones
  • Kerry Miller


DMPonline is a web-based tool to help researchers and research support staff produce data management and sharing plans. Between October and December 2012, we examined DMPonline in unprecedented detail. The results of this evaluation led to some major changes. We have shortened the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and revised how this is used in the tool. We have also amended the data model for DMPonline, improved workflows and redesigned the user interface.

This paper reports on the evaluation, outlining the methods used, the results gathered and how they have been acted upon. We conducted usability testing on v.3 of DMPonline and the v.4 beta prior to release. The results from these two rounds of usability testing are compared to validate the changes made. We also put forward future plans for a more iterative development approach and greater community input.

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