Automating the Extraction of Metadata from Archaeological Data Using iRods Rules

  • David Walling
  • Maria Esteva


The Texas Advanced Computing Center and the Institute for Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin developed a method that uses iRods rules and a Jython script to automate the extraction of metadata from digital archaeological data. The first step was to create a record-keeping system to classify the data. The record-keeping system employs file and directory hierarchy naming conventions designed specifically to maintain the relationship between the data objects and map the archaeological documentation process. The metadata implicit in the record-keeping system is automatically extracted upon ingest, combined with additional sources of metadata, and stored alongside the data in the iRods preservation environment. This method enables a more organized workflow for the researchers, helps them archive their data close to the moment of data creation, and avoids error prone manual metadata input. We describe the types of metadata extracted and provide technical details of the extraction process and storage of the data and metadata.
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