The KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit: Development and Application

Neil Beagrie, Monica Duke, Catherine Hardman, Dipak Kalra, Brian Lavoie, Manjula Patel, Liz Lyon, Matthew Woollard

2012, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 64-67



This paper provides an overview of the KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit. The Toolkit has been developed to assist curation activities by assessing the benefits associated with the long-term preservation of research data. It builds on the outputs of the Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) research projects and consists of two tools: the KRDS Benefits Framework, and the Value-chain and Benefits Impact tool. Each tool consists of a more detailed guide and worksheet(s). Both tools have drawn on partner case studies and previous work on benefits and impact for digital curation and preservation. This experience has provided a series of common examples of generic benefits that are employed in both tools for users to modify or add to as required.

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