User Priorities for Data: Results from SUPER

  • Jennifer M. Schopf
  • Steven Newhouse


SUPER, a Study of User Priorities for e-infrastructure for Research, was a six-month effort funded by the UK e-Science Core Programme and JISC. Its aim was to inform investment in order to provide a usable, useful, and accessible e-infrastructure for all researchers and a coherent set of e-infrastructure services that would increase usage by at least a factor of ten by 2010. Through a series of unstructured face-to-face interviews with over 45 participants from 30 different projects, an online survey, together with a day-long workshop at NeSC, we have observed recurring issues relating to the provision of e-infrastructure. In this article we focus on the data-related issues identified during these interactions. We conclude with a prioritised list of future activities for research, development, and adoption in the data space.
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