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Borgman, Christine L., University of California, Los Angeles
Borgman, Christine L.
Bortoli, Stefano
Bos, Marguérite, Federal Archives
Botticelli, Peter
Bouquet, Paolo
Boushey, Geoffrey
Boutard, Guillaume
Bowers, Shawn
Bowie, Rod
Brandt, D. Scott
Brenner, Aaron
Brenner, Aaron, University of Pittsburgh (United States)
Briganti, Jonathan S, Virginia Tech
Brody, Tim
Brown, Adrian
Brown, Anne M., Virginia Tech
Brown, Duncan, Syracuse University
Brown, Geoffrey
Browning, Robert
Brunsmann, Jörg
Bryde, Bendik, Piql
Buckle, Ashley M.
Budden, Amber, DataONE
Budroni, Paolo, University of Vienna

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