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Chirigati, Fernando
Choudhury, Sayeed
Chowdhury, Krishna Roy, Qatar National Library
Christian, Thu-Mai Lewis, Odum Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Christiansen, Leif, Indiana University, Bloomington
Chung, Haeyong
Clarkson, John
Clements, Anna, University of St Andrews
Close, Thomas, MBI, Monash University
Coates, Jessica
Coimbra, Miguel E.
Coker, Bolaji
Cole, Gareth, Loughborough University
Cole, Gareth John, Loughborough University
Coles, Simon J.
Coles, Simon, University of Southampton
Collie, W. Aaron
Collins, Ellen
Collins, Simon
Comerford, Michael
Conrad, Anders Sparre, Royal Danish Library
Constantopoulos, Panos
Conte, Simone Ivan, University of St Andrews
Conway, Esther
Cope, Jez, University of Sheffield

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